Memory Improvement Tips

  • Remembering by Association
    If you want to efficiently remember something, it is necessary that it be regarded in connection, or in association with one or more other things that you already know. The greater the number of other things with which it is associated with, the better chances you will be able to recall it.
  • Using Visualization and Imagination
    Images are internal sensory representations that are also used in the creation of memory. They can bring words to mind, which can arouse other images or pictures. The formation of images appears to help in learning and remembering what has been learned or experienced in the past.
  • Using Visualization and Imagination Part2
    Here are some of the valuable methods which you can use in achieving an imaginative memory: Learn to think with both words and figures. For example, in reading a book, it would be helpful to stop for a while and reconstruct the suggested scenario inside your head.
  • Use Clustering as a Memory Aid
    Grouping of details and data in recalling names or numbers is very essential in the process of retention. The associative power suggested by groups or grouped items help us further organize or give direction in memorization.
  • How to Easily Remember Names and Faces
    You have probably heard a similar statement that says, “The most beautiful word an individual can ever hear is his or her own name being called by another person.” However, this poses a great threat to people who have trouble remembering names, especially those who are frequently attending important business meetings and gatherings.
  • How to Easily Remember Names and Faces Part 2
    If someone approaches you and called you by your first name, wouldn’t it be embarrassing if you don’t reciprocate by saying his or her name back? And of course, it’s more humiliating to directly ask his or her name when that person expects you to know it. The same thing stands true for remembering faces. Wouldn’t it bother you to have met successful entrepreneurs in a gathering, only to forget how they look like when you get home?
  • How To Remember Numbers
    These two simple techniques, reveal how to remember numbers quickly and easily.