Memory Games Are Proven To Boosts Brain Power


It is not your imagination.  The brain really does begin to decline with age and it begins before the age of 30!  According to a professor at the Keck Center for Integrative Neurosciences at the University of California, at 60 we are two to three times slower at taking in information as we are at age 20.  This means that what is stored in our memory is two or three times less detailed.  The good news is that you can use memory games to exercise your brain just as you exercise your body for greater memory and concentration.

The best time to start giving your brain a workout is right now.  No matter how old you are, you can increase your memory, improve concentration and think clearer if you exercise your brain and mind like you do the rest of your body.  Just as muscles will weaken and atrophy when not used regularly, the same thing happens to your brain – especially as we get older.  By exercising our brain, we keep it strong and healthy so that it functions the way it was meant to, no matter how old we are.

One way to exercise your brain is to do memory games and brain games every day.  You want the games to stretch your brain, just as you stretch the muscles when you go to the gym.  Something that is too easy won't be helpful as it won't work the brain cells like something that is harder.  You want to play memory games that will actually make you have to think and concentrate.

Just as it's best to vary your physcial workouts in order to hit all of your muscle groups, it is also a good idea to vary your brain workouts.  One time you could try a match memory game like the old game of Concentration.  Another time, you could work on exercising your logic skills with sudoku or logic problem word puzzles. 

Don't forget that your brain receives information from all five of your senses so make sure that your mind games and memory games include sensory input from all five of them as well.  By incorporating all the senses in your brain workout routines, you will be exercising all sections of the brain rather than focusing on only one.

Learning something new is another way to exercise the brain.  Not only will you be working on processing the new information, it will also give your memory a workout as your brain stores the information and your reactions to it.  This could be as simple as learning a new word or as complex as trying to learn a foreign language.

There are memory games online that you could try or printable memory games that you can use offline.  Almost all puzzles are brain games that give your mind a workout, some easier than others.  Just be sure to vary the intensity and type of mind games that you do in order to workout all parts of your brain.  You will soon notice an improvement in memory and concentration and that learning comes easier because your brain is strengthened with the exercise.


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