Stop Dementia Through Memory Improvement

Research has shown that roughly 15% of those over 65 years old suffer from some form of dementia. Those numbers go up to 23% after 75 and skyrocket to 48% of those over 85. These forms of dementia can range from mild cognitive impairment to progressive forms of dementia such as Alzheimer's disease. Whatever the reason, it is clear that as we age, we have a great possibility of loss of normal brain functioning.

Dementia and Memory ImprovementThese numbers are frightening but there is hope. Studies have been done that show there is quite a bit we can do to protect ourselves from both the normal aging memory decline and the various forms of dementia. By paying more attention now to our health, we can not only improve memory and cognitive function now but also help lower our risks of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.

There are memory strategies that help stave off dementia while improving our brain function right now. You see, your brain needs exercise, much the way that our muscles do. Physical exercise is part of that. Aerobic and cardio exercises increase the blood flow to the brain which helps maintain the proper level of oxygen and nutrients to the brain cells. Brain exercises such as memory games and mind games also exercise the memory and concentration, strengthening them and keeping your brain sharper.

The proper diet throughout our lives is very important to preventing memory loss from the normal aging process as well as lowering our risks for developing dementia of any sort. Vital nutrients needed specifically for the brain include Omega-3 fatty acids, all the B vitamins but especially vitamin B6 and antioxidants. I'm sure you've heard the saying that "fish is brain food", right? That's because certain fish, particularly cold water fish, are extremely rich in the fatty acids so necessary for brain health.

Besides the normal balanced diet, there are supplements that may help. One that has been studied quite extensively is ginkgo biloba. German scientists studied a wide variety of older adults, from healthy to full bloom dementia patients, to see what effect ginkgo biloba would have. Several studies found that the herbal supplement improved memory, concentration and depression symptoms in many of the people. The herb stimulates blood flow to the brain and also is a good source of antioxidants, proven to fight the effects of environmental pollution on the body and the brain.

Lifelong learners and those who regularly exercise their minds with memory games, word puzzles and other brain games have been proven to remain sharper longer than people who do not make a point to exercise their minds. Studies have shown that the brain can continue to grow new brain cells and make new connections as we age and even after brain injury. Therefore by using it extensively, we actually make our brain more resistant to memory loss and cognitive impairment and make it easier for the brain to make new connections when needed.

We spend millions of dollars on anti-aging creams, lotions and potions each year as we all try to fight off the effects of aging. Don't ignore your brain just because you can't see it and you feel fine now. Start giving your brain a daily workout now to protect yourself from memory loss and dementia as you age.

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