3 Natural Ways to Improve Memory and Concentration

In today's busy world, more and more people are finding themselves having difficulty in concentrating and remembering all the things that they need to.  We are in an age where we have more numbers to remember than ever before yet we are having more problems with memory than any other time in history.  improve memory and concentration

A large part of the issue is that we are trying so hard to cram 25 hours worth of activities into the 24 hours we are allotted each day and we neglect to take care of ourselves properly.  Exercise and nutrition are still the most crucial tools in keeping our memory sharp and our concentration levels high.

Studies have shown that those who exercise daily have longer memory spans than those who do not exercise daily.  Any exercise is good for you but certain exercise techniques have even higher benefits for memory and concentration. 

One of the best methods of exercise for both physical and mental benefits is the practice of yoga.  The various techniques used in yoga not only improve muscle tone and flexibility but they also have been proven to stimulate the brain and nervous system in ways that can improve memory and concentration.

Some of the best yoga techniques for improving memory and concentration are the asana, pranayama, dharana and meditation.  Asana includes using a gazing point (drishti) while performing balancing postures, spine lengthening exercises and inverted postures (like the headstand). 

Using the drishti improvesconcentration while the exercises stimulate the nervous system.  Pranayama focuses on breathing exercises.  These not only help with concentration but also help more oxygen reach the brain.yoga improves memory and concentration

Dharana techniques are specifically for the mind.  These work on focusing concentration and attention rather than letting the mind wander.  This kind of focused attention is a form of mind training as it becomes easier to concentrate and remember the more you practice. 

Meditation takes dharana even further as it calls for intense mental focus and concentration.   During meditation you empty your mind completely of all extraneous thoughts, basically giving your mind some much needed rest.

Nutrition is very important to brain function, hence also to memory and concentration abilities.  Poor diets will result in a lack of the proper nutrients to feed your body and your brain.  This lack will show itself in your mental state before it does in your physical health. 

Research has shown multiple benefits for cognitive function from getting the proper amounts of certain nutrients.  High fiber diets has been instrumental in the slowing of age-related memory loss as has diets rich in antioxidants.  Antioxidants are found particularly in fruits and vegetables and have been shown to offer protection from free radicals and other toxins in the blood. 

Certain herbal supplements have been shown to have a positive affect on memory and concentration.  One, ginkgo biloba, has been extensively studied and found that it actually increases blood flow in the brain.  Not only does it improve memory and concentration through better blood flow, ginkgo biloba has also been shown to be a good source of antioxidants. 

These three natural methods to improve memory and concentration also improve your physical health and reduce depression.  Yoga, a good diet and a daily supplement of ginkgo biloba are three easy ways to improve brain function.


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