How to Remember Names and Faces Part 2

Continued from part1

6. Connect a new person with a well-remembered individual of thesame name. Associate a new Mr. Coppenhagen with an old customerof the same name. When you see the new man, you would think of theold one, and the name would flash into your mind. You can evenvisualize the 2 Coppenhagens attached to each other like SiameseTwins, to trigger the thought that they have the same name.

7. Reminisce the atmosphere or environment. Recalling what you feltor what you did, when you met a person, could trigger memories ofhow he or she was introduced to you, how he or she looked like, andother aspects regarding the person.

8. Analyze the distinctive features of the person’s face. Notice what  makes that individual stand out or different from the rest. You may  notice the eyes, nose, ears, lips, hair, or other parts of the face. Such notice and recognition tend to induce an interest in the subject of features. It forces you to focus on the person’s face the first time you meet him or her.

Right now, you know the importance of having interest to remember things. If you were introduced to a man who would pay you over $500 on your next meeting, you would be very inclined to memorize his name and to study his face carefully to recognize him, as opposed to a man who has nothing to give to you.

9. Link a name with a visual object. Let’s say you just met Mr. Quinlan.  To remember his name, you can visualize a land full of queens (Quinlan). Imagine the queens dressed in elegant dresses and wearing shiny crowns with big jewels. If Mr. Quinlan is interested in basketball and you want to remember that too, then imagine the queens wearing basketball uniforms over their elegant dresses, and shooting hoops.
And if Mr. Quinlan is also a doctor, then visualize the queens in basketball uniforms, having large stethoscopes around their necks, shooting hoops. You can even imagine the queens saying in a bugs bunny-like way, “Nyieh. What’s up doc?” The funnier, the better.

Here’s another example, but this time with a longer name. Let’s say you’ve been
introduced to Mary Bennetton. Now how do you remember “Bennetton?” You can divide it into “Bend-a-ton.” Imagine a large piece of metal with the words “1 ton” engraved at all its sides bending like a soft pillow. You can exaggerate it a little bit by making that piece of metal cry in agony as the bending is taking place. If Ms. Bennetton is a tennis player, you can imagine the bending piece of metal having tennis rackets stuck on top of its head.

10. Visualize the faces of persons you have met during the day, in the  evening. Try to develop the faculty of visualizing their features to practice your ability. Draw them in your mind and see them with your mind's eye, until you can visualize the features of very old friends.
Then do the same with acquaintances, and so on, until you are able to visualize the features of every one you know. Then start to add to your list by recalling the features of strangers whom you meet. By a little practice of this kind you will develop a great interest in faces and your memory of them, and the power to recall them will increase rapidly.

11.Make a study of names and faces. Start a collection, and you will  have no trouble in developing a memory for them. A good idea would be to analyze photographs in detail, not as a whole. If you can incite adequate interest in names and faces, you will be more prone to remember them.



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